Monday, March 30, 2009

Gearing up for Easter

So Easter is April 12, and I'm ready for it to be here!

Excuse me, umm, Mr. Easter Bunny? Can I get some good stuff this year??

What is everyone doing for Easter? Any favorite treats to get in your basket? Mom loves Cadbury eggs, but she never lets me try them. How unfair! Dad doesn't like sweet stuff (except for me), but I think he enjoys biting the ears off of those chocolate bunnies (which I never get to try either).

I personally think I'd be awfully cute dressed up as a bunny, do you think so?

Hopefully Mom and Dad have the day off, so we can go hiking or go to the dog park. I bet Mom's gonna go to church first though, so I'll have to sleep in that day in my crate. At least she warned me beforehand.

I hope everyone has a great Easter, and let me know what your plans are! I love getting new ideas! Maybe it will help Mom and Dad come up with something new and creative to do with my brother, sister and I!

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  1. Frank - you are too cute! you don't have a follow button! :-( - I hope you will visit my blog and become a friendly follower!!!!!!