Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hello again. I thought I should give you all a proper introduction of myself, before I start blogging away!

Name: Frank
DOB: Sept. 20, 2006

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Current Residence: Raleigh, NC

The Tank, Spanky, Franklin, Turbo, Fruddah
Siblings: Zuko the Pug, Madison the Border Collie and a couple felines I love too.

Hobbies: Going to the dog park, going to doggie day care, chasing the cats, tug-o-war with Madison and wrestling on the bed with Zuko. I love toys and water bottles. I also love hiking in the park and walking the greenways. I vacation a few times a year with my parents. I love the mountains!

Random Facts: I make a weird noise that sounds like a turkey. I have SO much energy, and sometimes I don't know what to do with it, so I run around the house like a madman. I am heavy, but not fat... I'm honestly just in good shape. I'm well behaved off a leash, but my parents say I'm horrible when I am on one. My humans didn't find me until i was about 4.5 months old because I had an eye boo-boo and no one else wanted me, so I got really big compared to the other puppies. I love my brother Zuko, and I snuggle up and nap with him at least three times a day. I like to be held like a baby.

I'm a smart Pug... I know how to sit, and I can dig through my toy box all by myself and find my favorite toy. My tail is not actually robotic, but when I wiggle it, it looks like a robot tail. When Mom & Dad say "FRANKLIN", I know I'm in trouble. If I poo in the house, it's always on an area rug or the small patch of carpet that is the floor of my parents closet. I like standing on my back feet. I like trying new food, like limes, lemons, onions, spaghetti, bluetooth headsets, celery, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower...

I hope you enjoy my blogs, and I hope you will visit often!

Pug hugs,



  1. Hi Frank it is SO NICE to meet you! You may not know but I am half Pug, Curly Q tail, overbite, BUG EYES, running like a pug out of hell out of the CLEAR BLUE SKY. I too like to stand alot on my back legs, I also cup my hand and Scoop things, Mommy always says "OMG if Lainey had Thumbs we would be in BIGGGGG trouble" whatever that means!

    Well I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading about you and careful with the oinions (some say they are bad for us!)and your parents lucked out I think they got the BEST Pug out of the Litter...maybe thats why you had were waiting for them :0)

  2. Hey man, we're the same age---I was born in 2006 too, in December. I was adopted only 2 weeks ago because my original dad was a biker and said he did too much traveling to take care of me. He gave me to a real nice couple who spoil me to death. They travel and live in their RV and they take me with them all the time. I love my new family. Harley

  3. Bluetooth headsets! I love it.